pandora hearts

Oz Vessalius is about to turn fifteen, and as the heir to a prestigious family, he must undergo a coming-of-age ceremony. However, during the ceremony Oz’s carefree life changes forever — he’s attacked by a group of mysterious people in red cloaks, and they tell him that his very existence is a sin and for that he must be cast into the prison of the Abyss.

But B-Rabbit, one of the Abyss’s Chains, comes to save Oz. She tells him her name is Alice, and in order to break free from the Abyss, he makes a contract with her. Once back in his world, Oz is approached by the organization Pandora, and he becomes caught up in the mysteries that surround them.

With the power of B-Rabbit on his side, Oz begins his quest to find out the truth. Why was his existence such a sin that he had to be sent to the Abyss? Why has Alice lost her memories? What happened one hundred years ago when a whole town was dragged into the Abyss? There are many questions unfolding around him, and Oz will have to act quickly if he wants to answer them before his time runs out.

has a little complicated story but I like it 🙂 it’s nice!

I really really like this couple!!<3<3

hope they end up together xD


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