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starry sky in spring -otome game-

the first game in starry sky series,and DAMN sugita tomokazu,midorikawa hikaru and ono daisuke! I can’t help but kya~~ing over them when I met them in prologues xDD ehem well..this game has 4 season in spring,in summer,in autumn and in spring the horoscopes are cancer,pisces and the main heroine is the only girl in all boys school –__–‘ and she has this 2 childhood friends,nanami kanata & tohzuki suzuya that obviously likes her from a long time ago goes to the same school as her and one day there’s a transfer student in her class,tomoe yoh,told her he knows her and she knows him too,and then kanata raging out cause yoh kiss the heroine in her cheek because of this,whenever they meet each other,kanata and yoh’s always fighting and causing suzuya and heroine a headache..but as the time goes by,it become their way to show their interaction with each other..but one day yoh has to go back to french and this is when the heroine has to make her choice….

so my first try is..

Tohzuki Suzuya

and he’s cancer and his seiyuu is ono daisuke!! xD well he’s my first try cause he’s so damn cool when yoh is molesting the heroine and I wanna break that mask of his cause in the beginning there’s a hint that he likes her like the other 2 guys and it’s true,he really likes her but holding back his feelings cause he knows that kanata likes her too..oh dude..

so suzuya is one of the heroine childhood friends who’s always with her,so sweet,gentle and really like to take care of his friends,but when you pissed him off…………….oh and he’s really good at cooking! 😀 soo when heroine feel sad cause yoh has to leave them,suzuya notice it,and when they talking in the classroom,he tell heroine his feelings cause he can’t stand yoh’s presence starting to enters her heart,but she reject him cause she doesn’t know whether her feelings for him is love or just friend T_T sigh…and after that he ignore her for a few days and in psp version,you can see at his point of view and knows what his thinking,so one day otw to the dorm,kanata talk to suzuya and tell suzuya that suzuya’s always kept everything by himself and he knows that suzuya always likes the heroine,so he just want him to stop avoiding her..and the next day,the heroine suddenly trip and fall and can’t stand cause she hurt her leg or something,and then she started thinking of suzuya –__– so suzuya pop out in front of her and carry her on his back,and then she tells him,that she likes him..and in the epilogue they get married and live happily ever after..

…kinda bored with the story,but I have this kya~ feelings at the scene where suzuya cooked for heroine when she forgot to have dinner cause she overslept,and told her to tell him whenever she’s hungry and he’ll make something for her~ and I like “for cancer” soundtrack :DDD

tomoe yoh

he’s capricorn and his seiyuu is midorikawa hikaru!but I don’t really like his voice as yoh T_T but this is just my opinion so no offense for midorikawa hikaru fans!

he’s the transfer student from french and a half (half japanese half french) but he also one heroine childhood friends..he’s the flirty type of guy that I don’t really like in every otome games,and such a big eater!LOL really like to eat suzuya’s food!and because he’s a half,he’s often get bullied when he was a kid,and because of that he doesn’t like to get close to other people,but one day the bully take his precious telescope and throw it away,so he search for it and he met heroine on the way,she helps him and found it then give it to him while saying his eye color is so beautiful which melt his heart,and then he fell in love with her..I got the feeling that yoh is the otp man in spring –__–

he’s really straight forward from the beginning of the game,so when he told her,he likes her,the heroine is not as much surprise as in suzuya’s route,and then she accept him!!!(O_O;;) how fast…what happen to I don’t know if my feelings is love or not like in suzuya’s route?!maybe because yoh’s just appear in front of her after not seeing each other for so long,so she didn’t have time to think that he’s just a friend?I don’t know….T_T so when his day of departure is come,he has this kinda sad scene when he hugs the heroine before he goes :’|

hmmmm..didn’t really like him at first but as I goes further into his route,his character really grow in me…especially when he confessed to her but didn’t says please go out with me…he just want to tell her his feelings….

nanami kanata

he’s pisces and his seiyuu is mah favorite seiyuu!!sugita tomokazu!!!xDDD ever since I saw kanata in wallpaper starry sky in spring at pspgo,I already likes him~ \(^ ^\ )( /^ ^)/<3<3

he’s one of heroine’s childhood friends…ever since he was a kid,he has this mysterious disease and often goes to hospital to get treated and it takes 2-3 days,so it’s because the heroine and suzuya always pay a visit to him whenever he’s in hospital,he started to think that it’s not really a bad things..and kanata really like fighting cause it makes him feel alive and he want to use that power to protect the heroine..

when yoh tells them,he has to go back,kanata is the one who’s raging out the most and avoiding yoh,but eventually apologizes cause he doesn’t want to waste their precious time together while yoh is still here 😀 so then kanata confess to heroine because of yoh encouragement,but the heroine run away and ignoring kanata T_T and kanata has this “kanata’s point of view” in psp that makes it look sooooooo emotional x’| “no matter how much I think about it,I love her,I really love her..but…what I really want is…her long as she keep smiling,I’ll do anything,so……tommorow I’ll tell her to forget about forget about my confession and act like it never happen” damn kanata,you got me teary in this scene!so as he thought yesterday,he tells her to forget about it and goes back like the way before,but looks like because of this,the heroine realizes her feelings for kanata T_T so one day kanata disappear from school and everyone including the heroine search for him,and of course it’s the heroine that found him first..then he emoing about his sickness and the heroine hugs him from behind then confessed to him,and told him that she’ll always be with him so he has to face his sickness properly 😀

kanata is obviously my favorite in spring!xD sugita tomokazu ftw!kanata’s point of view for psp console is makes me teary all the way from the beginning ’til the end..suzuya and yoh’s is pretty sad too but not got me teary like in kanata’s

hmm overall I like it but the story is so typical and can be found in many shoujo manga…but I still enjoy playing it and that because this game picked really awesome seiyuus for their characters!!the opening is really COOL for otome game,but it takes me some time to get use to midorikawa’s singing voice haha..well I’m gonna write in summer after this ;D


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  1. Star ⋅

    cool. I really like it, sounds interesting I’LL READ IT I think its a manga me is confuse on that but yeah haha 😛

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